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When it comes to safety, we are all on the same team

At Mourik, we always say: “we do it safely or not at all.” Our safety policy has grown from rules to culture. That means working safely not because we have to, but because we want to. This idea also lives on among our clients, such as Zeeland Refinery. Marnix Bezemer is Head of HSE at Mourik Industry and talked to his counterpart at the Zeeland refinery: Safety Specialist Marc Brandes. “For us, it's about everyone being able to go home healthy every day,” says Marc. “Of course that's a huge cliché, but it's true. That is why clear rules are important. But we are dealing with people. You can say: it's in the procedure, but it's not that simple. It's about awareness. My role as a security officer is to help the people in the field. Not as a big brother, but as a colleague. I'm here to help.” Approach is crucial “It's quite complicated for the guys in the factory,” adds Marnix. “A lot of them come in different places, with different rules everywhere. A simple example: the emergency numbers are different at every factory. If you're an engineer and you're here at Zeeland Refinery one day and somewhere else the next, try calling the right number right away. Our job is to make it easier.” Marc says: “My experience is that people are open to help, but the way you approach them is crucial. Approach neatly, show interest, remove barriers. This is important." Cultural differences An additional challenge is the amount of nationalities on the plant. “We have all kinds of nationalities here. Workers from Romania, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, from everywhere. It is extra difficult for them," says Marc. “That is because of the language barrier, but also because of cultural differences. In other cultures they deal with rules very differently than we Dutch. Here, for example, we are used to directly addressing each other about behavior, but that is by no means common everywhere.” Safety awareness video Marnix adds: “Often our boys are very go-minded. They want to pass for the boss and finish the job. Sometimes they forget the stop reflex. Think before you go to work. Is everything safe? Are you wearing the correct personal protective equipment? Do you smell anything? Shortcuts are dangerous.” Mourik made a film about this subject together with Zeeland Refinery, specifically about the delivery of pipelines free of pressure and product. “That shows very clearly how we deal with potentially dangerous situations. It is very recognizable for the men in the workplace.” Video link Open to rewards “At Zeeland Refinery, we have had a program to encourage and reward safe behavior for years: We Intervene,” Marc explains. “This ties in nicely with the video. We want to make people aware of risks and make sure they report them. Making mistakes is allowed. It's not to snitch someone, but very important. We can learn something from these kinds of reports. That is why we reward people who talk about it openly and honestly. This can be done very simply, for example with a voucher of a few euros for the canteen. It's about the gesture." Creating conditions for safety At Mourik we have a similar culture program: Just S@M. Marnix: S@M stands for safety at Mourik. Reports of potentially dangerous situations are very important to us. We call them SiSSers. And we always follow them closely. How could the situation arise? Were the permits in order? Was the work preparation correct? That's where safety actually starts. Personal protective equipment and safe behavior in the factory are of course important, but we also have to create the conditions to be able to work safely. New ways to share knowledge Videos are a great way to share knowledge. Marnix says: “Times are changing. And you have to address the new generation in a different way. That can also be done with an app, for example.” At Zeeland Refinery, for example, they use an app to secure installations. Marc explains: “The program is called Blind-it. In the app, employees can view their work in real time: am I in the right location? Can I start and how should I do it?” Marnix emphasizes that technology is not a substitute for experience. “We have a lot of expertise in house. We also need to ensure that the old generation transfers knowledge to the young generation.  Win win Marc thinks it is very important to work together on safety. “Ultimately, we all have the same challenges. So we really like to get feedback from our contractors: are our procedures workable? What could be better? The people of Mourik are in the field every day with their safety shoes. We can learn from that. And such a video is also a good idea. I also think about other topics, such as working at heights. We are happy to work with you, because this is really a win-win situation. When it comes to safety, we are all on the same team.”

Mourik n.v.

Solid partner for integral cooperation Mourik offers total solutions. We support you in all your construction, environmental and industrial projects with an integral package of specialised services. Wherever in Belgium and however challenging they may be. What can we do for you? Mourik, established in Antwerp for more than 45 years, is an experienced and solid partner. Customers from the private and public sectors can call on us for a range of specialised services: Mourik n.v. also has a participating interest in the Soil Recycling Centre with sites in Kallo and Zolder, where contaminated soils are cleaned, both physicochemically and biologically. Our strengths Working with Mourik Belgium is choosing for a total service and the certainty that your project is in good hands. Discover here where we make the difference. Multidisciplinary and all-round At Mourik we personally guide you through the entire process of your project. From preparation through execution to maintenance, you have a single point of contact with us. That works easily. Because we have everything under one roof, we can offer you the right solution more quickly and relieve you of all your worries. You remain in control of your project, its costs, safety and quality. With more than 270 professionals, we ensure that everything runs smoothly, supported from A to Z by our Prevention department. Certificates, approvals and permits We work by the book. This means that we have all the required documents to manage your project. VCA-P ISO9001 Approved as a works contractor: Class 8 Collector of waste materials (including PCBs, PCTs) in the Flemish, Walloon and Brussels regions Approved for the demolition and removal of asbestos Achilles VGM care system for soil remediation works Registered soil remediation contractor in the Brussels Capital Region Innovation and cooperation Mourik is a family business. We do not have to be the biggest, but we do strive to offer you the best possible solutions. For us, that is entrepreneurship. Quality, safety, innovation and personal service come first. After all, we like to invest in long-term customer relations. Safety before everything Safety is a top priority at Mourik and always will be. Safe and responsible behaviour is embedded in everything we do and we support it with: Weekly toolbox meetings Kick-off meetings for each new job Safety meetings and annual Mourik Safety Day Safety awards Work safely is mainly a question of awareness. That is why at Mourik we pay special attention to a safety culture that helps and encourages people to work safely. Not because we have to, but because we want to.

Mourik Caribbean N.V.

Mourik Caribbean is a leading international contract partner in the field of catalyst handling and industrial cleaning. Safety is our top priority. We are therefore committed to increasing safety and individual safety behavior at all levels. Mourik Caribbean is established in the eighties of the last century from the operations and services provided at the local LAGO refinery. Thanks to a fixed contract and the intensity of work, Mourik decided to establish its own base at San Nicolas on the island of Aruba. For more than 22 years, we are a household name in the Caribbean and regular contractor for the Aruba refinery. We also provide catalyst handling, reactor services, waste management, industrial and chemical cleaning, hydro blasting and vacuüm truck services in Trinidad, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Curacao, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Cuba and Jamaica.    Asbestos removal and environmental protection As well as industrial cleaning experts, we are specialists in asbestos removal and environmental protection. Phrases such as flexibility, positive image, trained and specialised personnel, as well as safety issues, are of paramount importance within our organisation. As well as an office, we have our own workspace and storage facility. Everything under one roof, covering an area of 18.000 square metres.   Personnel and equipment Mourik Caribbean has a flexible workforce of between fifty and 120 staff. All equipment is the property of Mourik Caribbean and can be deployed anywhere and at any time. Equipment such as multivacuüm trucks, tankers, roll-on roll-off trucks, external cleaning robots and hydraulic pumps.

Mourik UK Ltd.

Mourik UK is a leading international contract partner in the field of catalyst handling and industrial cleaning. Safety is our top priority. We are therefore committed to increasing safety and individual safety behavior at all levels. Mourik UK has been providing technical services in the petrochemical and environmental industries for over 25 years. Our services include catalyst handling, high pressure water jetting, vacuum cleaning, Tank Cleaning, column packing removal and heat exchanger Pull/Clean/Push. With a flexible work force and an extensive fleet of equipment, we provide specialist services to our British and Irish customers.  Having nationwide coverage with several sites allows for competitive pricing and rapid response time to client needs.   Specialist total package services We mainly provide specialist project services and regular maintenance services. Due to an increasing demand for total packages in catalyst handling as well as heat exchanger maintenance, we provide tailor-made services. The services may involve carrying out complete projects, including, but not limited to; mechanical work and transporting and processing spent catalyst. Our strategy is aimed at providing high-quality and specialist services in both project and maintenance works.   Maintenance contracts for the Petrochemical and Energy Industry Mourik UK has several annual contracts for cleaning and Catalyst Handling services. Under these contracts, work is carried out in alliances and performance-based contracts, with the emphasis on safety, quality and planning. We bear full responsibility for achieving the intended result and accept that we share in some of the risks.  

Interview Kees Jan Mourik

Kees Jan Mourik, Chairman of the Board of Management He has been the new chief executive since January 2013. Kees Jan Mourik has found that collaboration between the various Mourik companies is becoming increasingly important. This is all the reason he needs to ‘keep a tight hold on the strings’ in this field more than in any other. Kees Jan provides his vision on this and other strategic issues.   "Great companies that join forces" ‘We have a fantastic set of companies that join forces to tackle multidisciplinary projects. This offers our clients decisive advantages. The Mourik mentality of “putting our backs into it” is highly valued. Therefore, I want to hold on to and stimulate this unique Mourik culture in collaboration with our employees, who live up to it.’   Feeling with the shop floor ‘Here, this is a typical project of ours that illustrates the power of the collaboration between the various disciplines within Mourik.’ Kees Jan is talking about the turn-key project Wilmar Autoroute, which several Mourik companies are collaborating on. He can talk endlessly about countless Mourik projects, sometimes going into the technical details and innovations, to emphasise the added value of an integrated approach. In 2012 the formation of divisions within Mourik took centre stage. ‘We have found that the various forms of collaboration are continuously developing, within the company, between client and contractor, but also between contractors. Looking at Mourik, you will see more than just a group of companies that offer the same services, but rather a nice combination of technical companies with a lot of diversity, a number of which work in niche markets. Every company is quite independent and has its own responsibility. We purposely stimulate this to promote entrepreneurship and in connection with specific technologies, products, services and markets. We provide, as Board of Directors, the general framework and aim for synergy between the Mourik companies, and safeguard entrepreneurship. My role in this? I keep an eye on the big picture and strive to always know what is going on out in the field, am a connecting factor and have an eye for current innovations. Having been appointed president in January 2013, I am also the one who takes the final decisions where necessary. But first, I want to know exactly where things stand.’   Leadership Being the chief executive can be a lonely affair. Managing a complex technical company is not always easy. ‘Even if I do say so myself, I am an accessible and approachable leader,’ Kees Jan says with a smile. ‘Since I joined the Board of Directors almost five years ago, I have invested a lot of time and effort in making contact with people. I regularly make safety rounds with the head of Corporate Safety and visit projects. In addition, I want to know about the strategic details and be able to talk to our people on a project level. What determines the cost price? How do you ensure that there is a compliance policy? I think feeling with the shop floor is just as important as management experience. Of course, I bear ultimate responsibility for the general course of affairs. My three personal areas of interest in this are Purchase, Innovation and Safety.’ Though sustainability is not explicitly included in that list, Kees Jan leaves no room for doubt about his view on this: ‘To me, that is not a separate subject, nor a hype. Sustainability is simply interwoven in our operational management and is part of running a good company.’   Returns ‘But when all is said and done, money needs to be made. This means a healthy return is required. However, in my view “return” is more than just the figure at the bottom of the page. The sentimental value I attach to the return is motivation, dedication, loyalty and the safety of the people who work at Mourik. Our social policy reflects that too. After all, we are a family business and we value our people. Sustainable employability is a nice term, but what it comes down to is that all employees can do their job in good health and fitness and make it to retirement. An active health policy plays an important part in this. In addition, we give our people every opportunity to develop.’ ‘My personal goal on the horizon? I want the Mourik ship to continue sailing in the right direction, even in rough seas, and I want us to continue doing the things we are good at and get even better at them.’ ‘A good operating result is important, but I want to look beyond that. I also want us to extend our horizon, through innovation, new markets, work methods and collaborations. I want us to be a modern company with an eye for social developments. I stand for Mourik's continuity.’

Mourik Services B.V.

For the past fifty years, Mourik Services has been a reliable partner in the field of technical services in the (petro)chemical industry as well as the steel, metal, energy and environmental sectors. We provide customer-specific services in a wide range of disciplines. By ‘services’ we mean here: implementation, management, consultancy, maintenance and innovation. The disciplines in which we are active include industrial cleaning, mechanical work, integral maintenance, industrial and commercial construction, tank (terminal) maintenance, catalyst handling, asbestos clean-ups and environmental technology.   From A to Z We can supply you with the individual disciplines, but we can also help you with large-scale, integrated projects that require a total package of activities, disciplines and specialisations. We can take on these projects on a turnkey basis, from A to Z, and in that way relieve you of a great deal of the work. We implement these integral projects in combination with reliable partners in our (open) network, but mostly with other companies in the Mourik Group, taking advantage of the synergy that this generates. As well as resulting in countless opportunities, this cross-pollination of knowledge, experience, specialisations and resources also produces considerable savings.   License to Operate The basis for our ‘License to Operate’ consists of: Around 770 qualified employees Advanced fleet, materials and equipment Specialist knowledge, experience, solution power, flexibility 24/7 availability and local presence Certified management control systems A strong drive to innovate Constant development Thanks to the quality of our employees and equipment, Mourik Services meets the high requirements defined for projects in your industry or specialist area. Therefore, besides our standard ‘good and safe’, we also aim to be ‘solution-oriented’. But we go one step further, because we also help you come up with ideas that optimise your processes, in that way increasing your efficiency and reducing maintenance costs. In this context, gathering and transferring knowledge and developing and using new technologies are indispensable activities. Whether under contract under its own steam, Mourik never stops innovating.   Safely or not at all As part of our policy of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), safety is given the highest priority at Mourik Services. All our operational employees have at least a VCA Basic Safety diploma and all of our employees receive Safety Awareness training. In addition, Mourik Services has an extensive education and training programme for its range of specialised activities. We want to be ‘best in class’ in every market that we serve. And when we’re working, we abide by the following motto: We do it safely or we don’t do it at all’.