Concrete Maintenance

Concrete Maintenance

Ensuring Extended Durability for Concrete

Concrete is the most utilised construction material globally, with millions of cubic metres produced every year. Its popularity stems from its strength and versatility, allowing for the construction of bridges, tunnels, parking structures, commercial floors, industrial buildings, residential properties, hospitals and more. Another key attribute of concrete is its long lifespan. But this doesn’t mean that it lasts forever, and the challenge lies in extending the lifespan of concrete structures.

The Sooner the Intervention, the Better

A significant portion of concrete structures were built in the 1970s and 1980s, using different concrete formulations than those used today. Back then, accelerators such as chlorides were commonly added in order to expedite curing, but these contribute to reinforcement corrosion, concrete degradation and, eventually, concrete decay. This degradation is an exponential process, making early intervention through concrete repair, cathodic protection or strengthening crucial for cost-effectiveness. This is our area of expertise.

Specialists in Complex Situations

Vogel, a specialist within our group, excels in all forms of concrete maintenance, particularly in advising on complex situations. Concrete structures on industrial sites, for example, are often central to operations, requiring careful maintenance without disrupting the plant. In tunnels, issues such as exhaust pollution may arise, possibly combined with concrete decay and sometimes asbestos or other complications. Coastal apartment buildings with protruding terraces or galleries also present unique challenges.

When a concrete structure starts showing signs of ageing or fails to meet current usage demands, where do you begin? While there are many concrete repairers, specialists in adhesive reinforcement and cathodic protection are rarer. Mourik stands out by offering all these services as a comprehensive solution, coordinating projects from beginning to end. This is crucial, as there is no quick fix for concrete issues. Mourik is the one-stop solution for prolonging the life of any concrete structure. Guaranteed.

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