Ensuring Flood Safety and Efficient Waterways

As a nation shaped by water, the Netherlands relies heavily on its network of waterways for both national safety and economic vitality. Rivers and canals are not only vital for transport to industries but also play a key role in flood prevention. The challenge lies in the ageing infrastructure: many dikes and engineering structures such as weirs, locks and bridges are over fifty years old and were not constructed with modern usage, legal standards and safety requirements in mind. Mourik is at the forefront of enhancing the lifespan, availability and reliability of this crucial 'wet' infrastructure, bolstering flood safety across the country.

Expertise, Experience and Innovative Approach

Mourik boasts a wealth of experience in renovating and maintaining 'wet' engineering structures, including addressing emergencies and failures. This expertise extends to reinforcing and upgrading dikes to elevate flood safety standards. Our technical proficiency in handling complex projects is matched by our ability to synergise various disciplines and our commitment to finding innovative solutions. Key aspects of our work include environmental management, minimising disruptions and effectively engaging with stakeholders.

Collaborative Efforts Built on Trust

The shift towards leveraging market knowledge and innovation has been a growing trend. Mourik excels in new collaborative models that emphasise equality and transparency, such as the Innovation Partnership in the Sterke Lekdijk project and two-phase contracts such as the Princess Marijke Lock renovation. Our team also played a pivotal role in the notable DOEN project. In maintenance contracts, our approach often revolves around knowledge sharing and trust-based cooperation.

At Mourik, efficiency means bypassing bureaucratic hurdles to deliver effective solutions for enhancing flood safety and preserving our 'wet' infrastructure. We have the comprehensive skill set required for this task, encompassing design, construction, maintenance and asset management. Our approach integrates environmental management, disruption mitigation and stakeholder engagement, ensuring that dikes, waterways and related structures meet contemporary standards.


Roel van Oudheusden

Roel van Oudheusden

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