Emission Reduction

Emission Reduction

Measurably Reduced Emissions

In the industrial sector, reducing emissions is crucial. At Mourik, we are dedicated to contributing to this reduction, which helps accelerate sustainability in line with legislative changes. Emission reductions involve decarbonisation and the reduction of nitrogen oxides (NOx), soot, particulate matter and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as benzene and other substances of high concern. The goal is clear: cleaner air is both necessary and achievable. We have techniques and innovations to significantly and measurably reduce emissions.

Emission Reduction Solutions

Mourik is equipped to lower emissions from industrial processes, including production, loading, storage, maintenance and complex temporary and permanent projects. We utilise mobile equipment such as gas scrubbers and activated carbon filters to tackle even the most challenging situations, including monitoring, maintenance and operation.

We also design and provide custom solutions, such as permanent installations for asphalt plants, iron foundries, heavy petrochemical industries and storage terminals. For diesel engines in inland shipping, we have developed a unique emission treatment system that brings diesel engine emissions down to, or even below, the current European Stage V standards. This system is also applicable to non-road transport machinery engines.

Investing in Innovative Techniques

Key to reducing emissions, innovation is a realm in which we thrive. In our industrial cleaning activities we are constantly on the lookout for new solutions, such as NanoVapor and soda blasting for heat exchangers. In infrastructure, we continually invest in cleaner, more sustainable technologies. An example is our development of 30-ton hydrogen cranes, aligning with our ambitions and aiding our clients in reaching their goals. Our environmental engineering department tirelessly works to refine existing techniques and explore new technologies.

We innovate and strive for sustainability because we are committed to a cleaner future. Mourik has numerous techniques and innovations for measurably and demonstrably reducing harmful emissions. We engineer, construct and install in-house, while always expanding our solutions for emission reduction.

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