Road Infrastructure Design, Construction and Upkeep

The Netherlands boasts one of the most intricate road networks globally, encompassing approximately 140,000 kilometres of paved roads, including 1,700 kilometres of motorways. This network serves as a vital component of Dutch infrastructure and, by extension, the country’s economy. Consequently, substantial government investment is directed towards these roads. Mourik significantly contributes to the design, construction and upkeep of this critical network.

Embracing Sustainability and Leveraging Data

The process of designing, building and maintaining asphalt roads is multifaceted. Beyond the asphalt itself, considerations include subsoil stability, foundational work, traffic management, road markings, street furniture and noise abatement. Sustainability is increasingly at the forefront of these considerations. As a seasoned infrastructure partner, Mourik is adept at identifying and addressing challenges, having worked to the satisfaction of Rijkswaterstaat and various government bodies for decades. Armed with data gathered throughout projects, our specialists offer insights that enable real-time tracking of the asphalt lifecycle—from planning and production to delivery and execution—ensuring precise project management.

Innovative Asphalt Solutions

Innovation is key, particularly when it comes to asphalt, a fundamental element of road construction. We are at the forefront of developing intelligent asphalt mixtures, such as our COLT asphalt, which reduces CO2 emissions during production, offers noise-dampening benefits and extends lifespan. Our pioneering MELt asphalt remains unfrozen down to -5º C, minimising slipperiness, reducing maintenance needs and enhancing road safety. Additionally, we utilise bio-based asphalt derived from biological oils that rejuvenate bitumen for subsequent reuse, aligning with circular economy principles.

Mourik employs its own machinery for civil engineering tasks, including asphalt road construction and maintenance. Much of this equipment is self-designed, reflecting our commitment to innovation and efficiency. Should we identify potential improvements during a project, our team is poised to develop superior machinery. For instance, we are transitioning our excavators to electric models with battery packs, underscoring our dedication to the Netherlands' sustainable future.


André de Waal

André de Waal

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