Building Technologies

Building Technologies

More comfortable, sustainable and energy-efficient

Buildings need to be more sustainable, for example by making them carbon-neutral or even -positive. Managers, property developers, engineers, architects and contractors; everyone wants to contribute to the energy transition. But users also want a nice temperature and fresh air, reliable installations with a long service life, as few breakdowns and energy consumption as possible, with the best possible price-quality ratio. All this together is quite complicated in many buildings. But it is precisely in that complexity where we find our challenge.

Specialist in complex installations and maintenance

Renewability can be achieved in various ways, many of which are already fully established. However, connecting buildings to heat networks or using geothermal energy (geothermal heat and cold storage) combined with heat pumps is of a different order. The challenges are many: can you comfortably heat an old building with 40-degree water instead of 80-degree water? Or more practically: how do you conceal a state-of-the-art ventilation system in an office with low ceilings? And what does all this mean for the lifespan, management, maintenance and total cost of ownership (TCO) of technical installations and buildings? As far as we are concerned, the situation cannot actually be complex enough. We work mainly in environments that place special demands on temperature, air quality and hygiene. Think of the pharmaceutical industry and data centres, offices, schools, healthcare institutions, hotels and laboratories.

Knowledge and trust

In design & build projects, we enjoy working together with engineering offices and structural contractors, bringing our knowledge of installation techniques and control systems, as well as our expertise on materials to choose, energy consumption and investment costs versus maintenance. Our designers are certified EPB reporters, which guarantees that our installations meet all energy performance requirements. We also have expertise in maintenance and service. That is an important bonus in the preliminary process. After all, the choices you make in the design of technical and architectural installations; in terms of materials, quality, sustainability and energy, partly determine the susceptibility to failure, long-term maintenance and the lifespan of installations. This is how we help optimise operating costs in advance.

Any optimisation in the design phase pays off in the execution and the total cost of ownership in the long term. That is why our maintenance specialists already look at the technical and structural installations, the choice of maintenance-friendly materials and products and energy-efficient solutions during the preparation phase. Furthermore, we always design three-dimensionally and with BIM (Building Information Modeling) software. A major advantage of digital modelling in 3D is that you can detect and resolve potential errors and conflicts in the design at an early stage (e.g. pipes that are in each other's way). We engineer down to the smallest details: every crane and fire damper is drawn and checked in advance. Only after approval on this 3D model do we really get started. That way, we avoid failure costs. Click below and read more about building-related technical installations, HVAC, sanitary facilities and maintenance.


Dirk Vanstraelen

Dirk Vanstraelen

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