A Collective Responsibility

We either work safely or not at all. We're not the only ones emphasising this, but it's a fundamental truth. For a family-owned business, this sentiment holds even more weight. To make it clear: we don't tolerate harm to individuals, assets, the environment or the community. Our unwavering objective is zero accidents. To achieve this, we have safety guidelines and protocols in place. However, the culture we foster is even more crucial. Safety is a responsibility shared by all.

Safety is Embedded in Our Culture

Our overarching principle in every aspect is: get it right the first time. This applies to the quality of our work, our treatment of the environment and our interactions with people. Naturally, it extends to safety as well. From day one at Mourik, a commitment to safe practices is expected and ingrained throughout the organisation. Supervisors ensure it and colleagues actively promote, oversee and inspire each other. This is the essence of our safety culture, symbolised by our safety mascot, S@M.

Our safety strategy emphasises safe behaviour and fosters an environment where everyone feels empowered to hold each other accountable, irrespective of their role or tenure at Mourik. Key elements of our safety policy include: behaviour reinforcement, line of fire, standard safety kickoffs, essential safety guidelines and SISSER alerts. We aim to learn from successful practices to further enhance them. Safety is seamlessly integrated into all our operations and organisational management.

Every day begins with a preliminary work discussion. What tasks lie ahead? What are the potential risks and how will we mitigate them? Collaboration is the operative word. Monthly safety discussions are also convened for all tasks and projects, which we call S@M meetings, each with a varying theme.

Annually, we also host a Safety Day. On this day, across all our locations, we engage in open dialogues about our successes and areas for improvement, with participation from the Board of Directors. Safety Day is also an occasion to celebrate achievements and recognise outstanding contributions from our team, such as extended periods without incidents or a SISSER alert that averted a potential hazard.

However, there's always scope for improvement. For us, this translates to ascending another rung on the safety culture ladder. We aspire to further integrate safety into our processes and the entire operational chain. Additionally, we want to actively involve clients, partners and other stakeholders in our safety culture.