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For the past fifty years, Mourik Services has been a reliable partner in the field of technical services in the (petro)chemical industry as well as the steel, metal, energy and environmental sectors. We provide customer-specific services in a wide range of disciplines. By ‘services’ we mean here: implementation, management, consultancy, maintenance and innovation. The disciplines in which we are active include industrial cleaning, mechanical work, integral maintenance, industrial and commercial construction, tank (terminal) maintenance, catalyst handling, asbestos clean-ups and environmental technology.


From A to Z

We can supply you with the individual disciplines, but we can also help you with large-scale, integrated projects that require a total package of activities, disciplines and specialisations. We can take on these projects on a turnkey basis, from A to Z, and in that way relieve you of a great deal of the work. We implement these integral projects in combination with reliable partners in our (open) network, but mostly with other companies in the Mourik Group, taking advantage of the synergy that this generates. As well as resulting in countless opportunities, this cross-pollination of knowledge, experience, specialisations and resources also produces considerable savings.


License to Operate

The basis for our ‘License to Operate’ consists of:

Thanks to the quality of our employees and equipment, Mourik Services meets the high requirements defined for projects in your industry or specialist area. Therefore, besides our standard ‘good and safe’, we also aim to be ‘solution-oriented’. But we go one step further, because we also help you come up with ideas that optimise your processes, in that way increasing your efficiency and reducing maintenance costs. In this context, gathering and transferring knowledge and developing and using new technologies are indispensable activities. Whether under contract under its own steam, Mourik never stops innovating.


Safely or not at all

As part of our policy of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), safety is given the highest priority at Mourik Services. All our operational employees have at least a VCA Basic Safety diploma and all of our employees receive Safety Awareness training. In addition, Mourik Services has an extensive education and training programme for its range of specialised activities. We want to be ‘best in class’ in every market that we serve. And when we’re working, we abide by the following motto: We do it safely or we don’t do it at all’.