Underground Infrastructure

Underground Infrastructure

Pioneering the Energy Transition Underground

A significant portion of our energy transition is unfolding beneath our feet. As we collectively adopt solar power, switch to electric vehicles and move away from natural gas, extensive modifications are necessary. These changes are not just happening on the surface but are also crucially dependent on subterranean developments. Mourik's subsidiary MVOI excels in the safe, swift and efficient establishment of underground cable and pipeline infrastructures.

Gas, Electricity and Industrial Applications

From gas distribution hubs and pipelines to the connections between main transmission lines and local networks: Mourik handles the construction and upkeep of the gas transport system right up to the consumer’s meter cupboard. We extend the same expertise to electricity, working on behalf of major grid operators across the Netherlands. Our services also encompass the installation of pipelines for the conveyance of gases and liquids for industrial clients.

Energising the Future

The integration of alternative energy sources necessitates specialised groundworks. The transport of hydrogen, the development of residual heat networks and the growing demands on the electricity grid call for innovative and collaborative partners. Partners poised to facilitate the energy solutions of tomorrow.

As your partner, Mourik stands at the forefront of sustainable practices. Rooted in family business traditions, we are committed to investing in the legacy of future generations. We pioneered the first hydrogen-powered excavator and are actively developing more models. Our efforts extend to reducing emissions and investing substantially in the advancement of novel, eco-friendly technologies.

Collaborating with Mourik on underground infrastructure projects guarantees a partnership that prioritises safety, delivers quality and ensures reliability. But our capabilities go beyond that. Mourik boasts a wealth of specialised expertise in ancillary services. Need additional machinery, paving or traffic management? We've got it covered, and then some.


Aldo Krijgsman

Aldo Krijgsman

Directeur Energie en Industrie
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2964 AJ Groot-Ammers

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