Civil, Industrial & Utility

Civil, Industrial & Utility

Expert in Complex Projects

Civil construction, industrial construction and commercial construction are very broad fields of work in which many disciplines converge. This adds complexity, particularly in environments where the requirements are even more stringent than usual. Consider the chemical, petrochemical or pharmaceutical industries, busy urban areas or locations where hazardous materials are handled. Mourik possesses the knowledge, expertise and experience to complete all types of projects, ranging from maintenance to new construction, with a strong focus on quality, safety and corporate social responsibility.

Our Services

We specialise in new construction projects, renovations and remodelling. We also perform civil maintenance contracts in Belgium, managing them in-house using our own equipment. Our range of services is as broad as the field itself: from civil, utility and concrete works, new construction of industrial and office buildings, renovation and remodelling to sanitary facilities and HVAC installations in buildings. In the Dutch market, concrete work is at the core of our industrial construction activities, offering both traditional poured concrete and advanced precast concrete solutions, the latter being strongly preferred for safety and quality assurance reasons.

All-round Specialist

Another area of specialisation in industrial construction in the Netherlands concerns the execution of construction projects within the industry, ranging from new construction to remodelling and additions, supported by years of experience. In Belgium, our scope is even broader. Mourik is recognised as a Class 8 general contractor, which means that we have the references to handle the largest and most complex construction projects. We have been serving various types of clients in diverse public and private sectors for many years, including pharmaceutical, chemical and petrochemical companies, major Belgian utilities, key public sector clients and project development clients who see added value in our services. We aim to build long-standing relationships with all our clients.

As a result, we can act swiftly, while strictly adhering to the schedule, no matter how challenging. If necessary, we can rely on Mourik colleagues from other disciplines and we also collaborate with regular subcontractors who share our ethos for specific tasks. By continually striving to meet our customers' needs we build lasting relationships. There is only one thing we consider even more important and that is safety on the job site. Our continuous focus on safety runs through our organisation and has already earned us the VCA-P certificate in Belgium.

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