Groundwater & Soil Remediation

Groundwater & Soil Remediation

Specialists in Soil Purity

Numerous locations suffer from soil contamination. This includes old factory sites, chemical-handling laundries, landfills or areas where leaking tanks have polluted the soil. Incidents such as fires or industrial accidents can also lead to soil and groundwater pollution. When land is repurposed, the owner bears the responsibility for its remediation. The type of contamination dictates the remediation approach. Mourik's specialists are adept at determining the most effective method and carrying out the actual soil and groundwater remediation

Choosing the Most Suitable Method

Before initiating soil remediation, Mourik's experts evaluate the most appropriate approach. In-situ remediation, that is, treating the contamination directly at the site, is often the most efficient and sustainable method for soil and groundwater. Using this process, no contaminated soil has to be excavated and disposed of. If in-situ remediation is not feasible, we resort to ex-situ methods, involving excavation and disposal.

Economic and Sustainable Solutions

Mourik boasts decades of experience in soil remediation and groundwater purification. The choice of method is influenced by the nature of the contamination, soil properties, location and environmental factors. We possess a diverse array of techniques, machinery and facilities for comprehensive soil and groundwater remediation, ensuring both cost-effectiveness and sustainability.

Soil remediation extends beyond just environmental engineering. Mourik also offers supplementary services such as tank cleaning, demolition of infrastructure and buildings, water purification, asbestos removal and management of other hazardous waste. This makes Mourik an ideal partner for any soil and groundwater remediation project.

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