Thursday the yearly World day for safety and health at work organized by the International Labour Organization (ILO) will be held. Mourik Industry has decided to take part because safety is very important and we want to promote this also internationally.

This year's theme is talking to each other about safety in order to jointly achieve a positive work environment in which attention for safety is always stimulated. Although safety has been commonplace within Mourik for years and an issue of great importance to all of us, it is certainly not yet a common good worldwide.

Approximately 300 million employees worldwide cannot comment on safety or insecurity or incidents without running the risk of being punished. International attention to safety is therefore very important and speaking out about it is also an important part of our sustainability policy.

Within Mourik Industry, the purpose of the day is to talk to each other and to agree per department, project or location to work together on improving a positive safety culture and to express this in the coming months. And also to inform each other and to talk about where it can be done better. Positive attention to safety is important every day of the year.

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