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Today we're having our fifth Mourik Safety Day. On this day, Mourik employees all over the world, from all layers of the organization, talk with each other about safety. This time, the central theme is 'Keeping each other safe'. 


Because of the measures to prevent further spread of the coronavirus, large in-person staff meetings are not possible. That is why this year we have online discussions with each other. Our CEO Kees Jan Mourik and four divisional directors pay attention to five key pillars of our safety policy.

After watching the video, every employee can indicate through our RMS reporting system how, in his or her opinion, the safety pillar in question is dealt with in actual practice. The answers from which you can choose are based on the Hearts & Minds system and give insight into our present degree of safety adulthood. Results and possible points for improvement will be fed back to and discussed with all colleagues.
View above the compilation of the video messages.

The video pays attention about 10 essential safety rules and our 'sisser reports'. Read more about safety at Mourik.