Today we are celebrating our 6th annual Safety Day. Across the world, our directors and managers are discussing safety at Mourik with their employees. The theme of this year’s safety day is: Thumbs up for safety!

Our people do their best each and every day to carry out their work properly and safely. That mindset requires knowledge, skills and, especially, focus. Today we are celebrating the fact that most of the things we do simply go according to plan, without damage, injury or another form of loss. Working at Mourik is both enjoyable and safe, and that’s something we are proud of.

Past results

During previous Safety Days, we paid particular attention to rules, such as our Last Minute Risk Analysis, Sisser reports, and the essential safety rules, as well as to the five biggest hazards in our type of work. By discussing these topics with each other, we have started working safer and more effectively, and this is reflected in our workplaces and at our projects. And so our employees more than deserve a compliment for this fact.

A safe future

A lot is already going well, that much is clear. However, we want to continue working safely in the future too, meaning we must never relax our attention to safety. So, today we will be answering two questions:

To kick off Safety Day 2021 we present the video below.

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