Water Treatment

Water Treatment

Effective Water Treatment

From industrial wastewater to groundwater extracted during in-situ soil remediation, or even drainage water, all water must adhere to specific quality standards before it can be reused or discharged. Often, this requires water purification. The type of contaminants and quality requirements vary with each situation. Mourik assesses these factors and our experts devise appropriate solutions for every unique case.

Solutions for Every Type of Contamination

While some contaminants, such as hydrocarbons, are relatively straightforward to address, others - e.g. PFAS, cyanide, heavy metals or chlorinated solvents - present complex challenges. In our laboratory, we investigate the best methods for water purification and conduct on-site pilot tests as needed. With our expertise in treatment technologies and systems, we offer solutions for every contaminant, adhering to the latest standards for discharge and reuse.

Comprehensive Water Treatment Techniques

Mourik is a leader in water treatment techniques, encompassing a wide array of methods: oil/water separation, sand filtration and iron removal, activated carbon filtration, aeration using strippers and plate aerators, ion exchange and coagulation, flocculation and precipitation processes.

Mourik designs, constructs, rents and sells both mobile and semi-mobile water treatment plants. All our systems are expertly designed and built in-house. We are technology-agnostic in our approach to water treatment, selecting and integrating the technology that best addresses the specific challenge at hand.

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