Industrial Cleaning

Industrial Cleaning

Prioritizing maximum operational time

The adage "time is money" resonates deeply within the industrial sector. Industries like (petro)chemical, pharmaceutical, steel, and food operate around the clock. Interruptions – be it planned maintenance, turnarounds, or major process disruptions – can be costly. In the realm of industrial cleaning, standards are sky-high because a halted plant is a financial sinkhole. You need more than just a service; you need a dependable partner. A partner that increases uptime, curtails overall costs, and stands ready 24/7.

Tailored solutions for every industrial cleaning need

We are familiar with the ins and outs of industrial cleaning. With over six decades of global experience, we've honed solutions for every contamination or scenario. Our offerings span from traditional pipe cleaning to advanced, emission-free non-entry tank cleaning, always prioritizing safety. Our prowess in industrial cleaning is complemented by expertise in areas like mechanical and civil work, conservation, and catalyst handling.

Innovation and industrial cleaning

IIf a solution doesn't exist, we innovate. Many industry-standard cleaning methods were invented on the shop floor thanks to the proactive spirit of our team. Techniques like non-entry tank cleaning and automated bundle cleaning stand as testaments. Our latest innovations, such as Hydrokinetics and the DecarbonX method, are steering the industry towards a greener horizon.

The modern challenges of sustainability, circularity, and waste reduction are ones we’re poised to tackle. Our strategies include water-efficient cleaning, wastewater recycling, intelligent waste management, and eco-friendly equipment development. For instance, our Non Entry Tank Cleaning system is both electric and emission-free (NETCe), underscoring our commitment to a cleaner industrial future.

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