Mourik Shapes Tomorrow. Our Sustainability Strategy

Mourik is more than just a company: we're a collective of inventive, entrepreneurial and resilient individuals. We are explorers and problem-solvers, consistently devising smart solutions to the challenges we face. This innovative spirit is deeply embedded in Mourik's DNA and drives our approach to addressing climate challenges. Our motto is simple: less talk, more action.

Purpose, Planet and People

We bear a profound responsibility towards our planet and each other. We set our sights high and aim to be frontrunners in the sustainability transition. What does this mean for our everyday decisions and actions? Our sustainability strategy is built on three solid pillars, shaping a better tomorrow. We are committed to the earth's wellbeing, offering sustainable products and services that resonate with our Purpose. We assist our clients in navigating towards a better world, a commitment reflected in our Planet pillar. To achieve these goals, we rely on the strength of our People.

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To improve the future, we've set objectives for ourselves, with 2025 as our initial milestone. Here are some of our goals:

Upon reaching these milestones, we'll press on with renewed vigour, charting the next phase of our journey. Step by step, we're moving towards a new, more sustainable world. Our ultimate aim? To be at the forefront of the sustainability transition by 2030. With each project, we demonstrate how construction, maintenance and business operations can become increasingly sustainable.