Painting & Grit Blasting

Painting & Grit Blasting

Extending the Lifespan of Steel and Concrete

When we talk about sustainability, we often focus on the impact on nature and the environment. But sustainability also implies durability, or ability to last. This is a fundamental requirement for assets in the industrial, infrastructure and construction sectors. Proper preservation safeguards steel and concrete structures, such as bridges and overpasses, against the elements, wear and tear and in the industrial context aggressive substances in tanks. Our experts enhance the durability of assets, reducing the need for frequent maintenance.

Comprehensive Solutions for Metal and Concrete Preservation

Mourik is a versatile service provider, offering an abundance of solutions to ensure the long-term protection of steel, concrete and wooden structures. Bringing our vast experience to bear, we provide informed recommendations based on design specifications, standards such as ISO 12944, the current condition of the surface and desired lifespan.

Our initial approach involves pretreatment techniques such as high-pressure water and/or compressed air blasting using various abrasives. For preservation, we employ a wide range of solutions, from traditional painting and (hot) airless spraying to specialised methods such as metallising (TSA). We even have a robot developed in-house for automated application on internal tank bottoms. Naturally, we adhere to all relevant regulations and standards.

Painting and Gritblasting Specialists

We are genuine painting and grit blasting specialists. Our project managers are seasoned professionals with extensive experience serving industrial clients, government bodies, infrastructure firms and housing associations. In essence, we deliver top-tier work. Clients value our ability to streamline processes and mitigate risks upfront, leading to transparent work plans and seamless execution.

We act as both consultants and partners for future maintenance, based on an understanding of how to prolong the life of structures, for instance, by integrating traditional painting with TSA at critical structural junctures. Explore our services to discover how we shield structures from the ravages of time.


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Patrick Davids

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