About Mourik

About Mourik

Since 1933

Mourik's journey began in 1933, when Johannes Mourik officially registered "the Mourik family business" with the Chamber of Commerce. However, our narrative starts even earlier. As early as 1921, Johannes was cycling from door to door in Groot-Ammers, setting up electrical installations. Entrepreneurship has always been in the Mourik DNA. By 1937, Johannes' brother, J.C. Mourik, joined as a co-owner.

Initially, the brothers' venture was centred around installing power lines, transitioning from above-ground to underground installations. Their business rapidly expanded from earthworks to road construction and infrastructure. Given Mourik's operations in the Europoort and Botlek regions, by 1957 offering industrial services to chemical and petrochemical companies was a natural progression. Mourik ventured internationally in 1974, marking the inception of our Belgian subsidiary, Mourik s.a., in Antwerp.

Currently, our company is headed by the third Mourik generation, represented by Kees Jan Mourik. He owns Mourik together with his sister Marianne. Now more than ever, we recognise our responsibility to future generations. With the same entrepreneurial spirit and can-do attitude that brought us here, we are committed to sustainability. What does the future hold for Mourik? Watch the video below where our CEO, Kees Jan Mourik, engages in a heartfelt conversation with his daughter Sophie, reflecting on our past and envisioning our future.

The Essence of a Yellow Heart

Despite its significant expansion, Mourik's essence remains unchanged. We are a collective of innovative, entrepreneurial individuals - explorers and pioneers grounded in reality. While we are ambitious, we also hold dear the core values that define us. We often refer to this as having a "yellow heart". Together, as a team, we've defined our core values as:

Today, nearly a century since its formal inception, Mourik boasts a turnover of 532 million euros, operates globally and employs over 2,000 individuals worldwide. And our entrepreneurial journey is far from over.


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