Maintaining the High Standard of Dutch Roads

The superior quality of Dutch roads stands out among our neighbouring countries. Maintaining this high standard requires consistent maintenance. Mourik, as an infrastructure partner, is dedicated to preserving the excellence of our roads while minimising the disruption caused by maintenance activities.

Prioritising Safety and Sustainability

At the heart of our roadworks is the safety of both road users and our workers. Beyond safety, Mourik is actively engaged in developing and applying sustainable practices and innovative techniques across a wide spectrum of operations.

Ensuring Uninterrupted Traffic Flow

To guarantee uninterrupted traffic, Mourik utilises crash cushions, arrow trailers, traffic control installations and groundbreaking new methods. We tailor traffic management plans to each unique scenario, consider alternative detour routes and maintain efficient traffic flow, even in the most complex of circumstances.

Despite best efforts, unexpected incidents do occur. Spilled oil, lost cargo or damaged guardrails can lead to sudden road closures or detours. Mourik's incident services are on standby 24/7 to swiftly address these incidents on the roadways we manage, implementing the necessary traffic management to handle the situation effectively.


Robin Berendsen

Robin Berendsen

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