Our approach to innovation

One of our strengths is devising intelligent solutions to technical challenges. Just ask our clients. However, framing it this way might undersell our true ambitions. In essence, innovation isn't the end but the means. We use it to enhance safety, refine production processes, pioneer new technologies, products and services, and most importantly, to advance sustainability. Innovation is a cornerstone of our strategy.

Practical Innovations and Game-Changers

We have countless examples to showcase. Many hands-on innovations stem from on-site ingenuity, such as the use of drones and augmented reality for dike reinforcement. Within the petrochemical realm, several of our innovations have set industry standards for years, such as non-entry tank cleaning and the MIDC loading system for catalysts in fixed-bed reactors. We're also committed to reducing water usage and minimising emissions. The beauty is that these objectives often align with financial benefits. A true win-win!

Our determination to address challenges is unwavering, even when they surpass everyday operations. Just consider the climate objectives set by policymakers – and by ourselves. From our perspective, this demands a more structured innovation approach. We channel significant time and resources into sustainable technologies and groundbreaking concepts such as the zero-emission construction site.

A prime example is our hydrogen-powered excavator, which garnered widespread media attention. The potential of decarbonisation in the industry is immense. Indeed, many innovations are intrinsically tied to data and digitalisation. Consider, for example, digital asset management for national motorways or predictive maintenance for industrial facilities, tunnels and locks. The possibilities are vast, prompting our investment in knowledge. In collaboration with Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, we have launched an in-house training programme on data management. For several years now, we have maintained a dedicated department solely focused on enhancing our capabilities through data and digitalisation. We're set on reshaping the landscape.

This, too, represents innovation. Our infrastructure team engages in various cutting-edge collaborations, such as Innovation Partnerships, construction team projects, and the DOEN project a few years ago. We're also forging new alliances in the industrial sector. In partnership with Huntsman, we set up an innovation group to discuss innovation, technology, safety, sustainability and collaboration on an ongoing basis.