Catalyst Handling

Catalyst Handling

Prioritising Safety and Efficiency in Catalyst Handling

The efficiency of a plant is directly linked to the performance of catalysts within reactors. Hence, swift, safe and efficient catalyst replacement is paramount. Globally, only a handful of specialised companies excel in this domain. Mourik stands out as a leading global service provider in catalyst handling, a reputation bolstered by our continuous innovations, such as in automated unloading, and our diverse dense loading techniques for optimal catalyst distribution during loading.

Streamlining Unloading and Loading Processes

Reactors are typically situated at the core of the processing plant, where space is often limited. This makes seamless catalyst replacement crucial. Downtime is costly. Many of our innovations aim to make the unloading and catalyst loading processes more efficient and predictable. A prime example is our M-IDC loading system, which eliminates the need for cranes. This system has been in successful operation for years.

Additionally, we introduced the M-Lance technique specifically for tubular reactors, making us the only global entity capable of unloading tubular reactors through multiple pipes simultaneously, ensuring reduced turnaround times. Furthermore, our patented Unidense® technology remains the most effective method for uniformly loading reformer tubes.

We employ various techniques to optimise loading density and, consequently, catalyst performance, ensuring reactors operate at peak efficiency. Our catalyst handling services encompass (soft) vacuum unloading, wet unloading and sock loading, as well as several patented dense loading systems: Densicat®, Unidense® and Calydense®. Beyond catalyst replacement, we also manage blinding, as well as the opening and resealing of the reactor.

Mourik offers comprehensive services. We can manage all tasks related to a reactor, from catalyst replacement to blinding, opening and resealing reactors. Additionally, we handle cleaning, inspection and internal repairs, all through a single point of contact. And we guarantee that the work is executed the Mourik way: safely, professionally and efficiently. The industry sets high standards, and with our exceptionally qualified team and top-tier equipment, we not only meet but exceed those benchmarks.