Industrial solutions

When it's needed, or if there is a sustainable solution. Mourik Industry is working at hydrogen stations.

The Best in the industry

Mechanical, cleaning, civil and catalyst handling work in various combinations. Mourik is your multidisciplinary contractor in the industry. 50 Years of Expertise. Worldwide we provide high factory uptime, efficient refinery turnarounds and we contribute to the ambition of building the new sustainable industry.


Your Catalyst Change-outs are in safe hands. The highly experienced Mourik Industry team provides unique, state-of-the-art solutions to help optimize your performance.

Industrial Cleaning Solutions

Keeping your storage tanks, piping, heat exchangers, installations and equipment clean with minimal impact. Isn’t that what we all want in the petrochemical industry?

Mechanical Solutions

The best in Mechanical. People call us the Problem Solvers of the industry. We have much to prove it.

Civil Solutions

The foundation of every industrial project. Mourik Industry is well-known for its earth moving work, engineering, concrete work, constructions and industrial plumbing.

Engineering process systems

Systems for the world of tomorrow. Start today and make your current or new system more sustainable

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