Raw Materials

Raw Materials

A cornerstone of construction endeavours

The cornerstone of nearly every construction endeavour, building materials are vital for both developers and contractors. Mourik engages in the responsible extraction and supply of these fundamental resources.

Prompt Delivery of Sand, Gravel and Clay

Key materials such as sand, gravel and clay are pivotal in the execution of infrastructure projects. We facilitate the swift supply of the necessary raw materials to our clients. Our stock includes a variety of essentials, from yellow-brick clay and masonry sand to flooring sand, equestrian arena sand, fill sand (both sieved and unsieved), crushed aggregate and quarry stone.

Mourik stands out not only for prompt delivery but also for our capability to process materials as needed. This includes crushing, sieving or blending to meet specific project requirements. We maintain a substantial stockpile of raw materials, extracted at our Limburg quarry using our own equipment. Our self-sourced approach allows us to offer sand, gravel and clay in a sustainable manner.


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