Comprehensive Road Maintenance (Multi-Year Contracts)

In the bustling road network of the Netherlands, planning maintenance is a complex task. At Mourik, we handle every aspect of road maintenance, from individual projects to extensive multi-year contracts. Our approach to asset management encompasses the predictable upkeep and management of roads and engineering structures. We are also on standby for any urgent repairs or emergency situations.

Covering All Aspects of Road Maintenance and Asset Management

Our services extend to both scheduled and unscheduled road maintenance tasks. This includes the upkeep of asphalt, noise barriers, guardrails, road markings and ecological facilities. Additionally, we maintain green spaces, public lighting and pump stations. When necessary, we implement temporary traffic measures and diversions.

Our maintenance strategy is informed by regular inspections and monitoring, leading to well-considered multi-year plans and programmes. Our approach is grounded in our extensive experience in asset management, implementation, maintenance, safety and traffic flow. We also utilise a proprietary maintenance management system that interfaces with Rijkswaterstaat’s system.

Our experience has taught us that road maintenance and multi-year contracts are about more than just quality and efficiency. Ensuring smooth traffic flow is crucial, but safety is paramount and we aim to minimise disruption to the surrounding community. We engage all stakeholders in our maintenance efforts, including Rijkswaterstaat, provincial and municipal authorities, water boards and, importantly, road users and local residents.

We believe in the power of collaboration and invest heavily in it. Our approach is to innovate and develop together, always balancing costs, benefits, opportunities and risks. Our goal is to ensure seamless functionality for everyone involved.


Directeur Regionale Projecten

Theo Bloemsma

Directeur Regionale Projecten
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