Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Precision Cleaning with Ultrasonic Technology

Ultrasonic cleaning is a highly efficient method for the deep cleaning of large and small components and machinery. This technique is particularly useful for items that are challenging to access within a factory setting, such as heat exchangers, bundle parts and various other detachable components including valves, pumps, pipe sections, filters, structured packings, demister pads and rack materials. The key is to make the right assessment: What kind of contamination does it concern and what are the dimensions and shape of the item? These considerations guide us to the most effective cleaning approach, ensuring we have a solution for every scenario.

The Benefits of Ultrasonic Cleaning

During ultrasonic cleaning, items are submerged in a specialised bath that can be set up on-site and filled with a cleaning solution tailored to the task. The chemical composition of this solution, along with the temperature and vibration frequency, are all customised to enhance the cleaning process. Transducers within the unit produce sound waves that dislodge contaminants from the items. For particularly stubborn dirt or clogged tubes, high-pressure cleaning can be applied before or after the ultrasonic treatment. This combination has proven highly effective in our experience, resulting in cleaner components that remain clean for longer periods, thus increasing uptime.

Ultrasonic cleaning also conserves water, making it an environmentally friendly choice. It's especially adept at reaching every crevice of complex equipment, providing a thorough and rapid clean without the harsh impact of high-pressure methods, which makes it ideal for delicate parts susceptible to damage.

Mourik has been at the forefront of ultrasonic cleaning technology since its inception, and we are currently leading the industry with our advanced units and cutting-edge equipment. Our expertise extends to the design of our tanks and the efficiency of vibration transmission. Clients can rely on our extensive experience and chemical engineering insights to select the appropriate cleaning agents, monitor and fine-tune the process, ensuring the cleaning agent's effectiveness is maximised over time. We excel in delivering consistent cleaning results, utilising ultrasonic technology alone or in combination with other methods, such as high-pressure cleaning. With Mourik, ultrasonic cleaning delivers ultra-clean results.