Decades of experience

Soil contamination is an unwelcome yet relatively common issue. At Mourik, we bring decades of experience to the table for dealing with contaminated soil. The choice of remediation method depends on the nature of the contamination, soil properties, location and environmental considerations. When contamination is readily removable or cannot be treated on-site, we opt for ex-situ remediation. This involves transporting the contaminated soil to an appropriate, certified clean-up facility or landfill.

Stability, drainage & safety

Given the relatively high groundwater levels in our region, drainage is often necessary. Any contaminated drainage water is treated using our own mobile water treatment plants. When excavating near buildings, we implement essential stability measures. And when dealing with asbestos or volatile contaminants, we also ensure that the required measures are in place for each specific situation, with safety and secure working conditions as our top priority.

In every project, we rigorously assess the most effective, sustainable and safest solution. For instance, we might transport contaminated soil in bulk using barges instead of trailers or, if feasible, clean it on site. Mourik is fully equipped for these tasks. Our specialists are dedicated to determining and implementing the best approach.