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Huntsman's idea translated into practical solution

Internal cleaning of a glass-lined column is a delicate job. Normally, the column with an inside of glass is completely dismantled for cleaning. This is because the inside of the column is fragile and dismantling has to be done very carefully. A challenge in itself, then, let alone during a shutdown, when a lot is happening in the plant at once in a short period of time. Huntsman came up with the idea of cleaning the glass column, without dismantling, in-situ. This fits in with Huntsman's desire to work more sustainably and safely. In a short time, we translated the idea into a solution that works practically. And also in less time, at lower costs.

How it is done

The column referred to is 20 metres high with a diameter of two metres. The new cleaning method works as follows: via a number of nozzles, we introduce a spray arm into the column, which allows us to clean the spaces inside the column. To do this, we first spray the nozzles safely open. Prior to cleaning, we drew up a plan and made calculations to make sure we would stay within the maximum load. Timo Eussen, Zone Engineer Downstream at Huntsman Holland: ''The good technical input from Mourik to arrive at a more efficient cleaning method on the glass lined column was crucial in the preliminary phase of the work.''

Industrial cleaning more sustainable, safe and efficient

Thanks to this new method, we did not have to dismantle the glass column.  For a start, this is more sustainable and safer, because in-situ in this case means fewer movements of people and materials in the plant. The method is also a great improvement to the industrial cleaning process, because this way of cleaning is faster, more sustainable and cost effective than traditional methods of cleaning a glass-lined column.

Innovative solutions like this always come about in close cooperation. Huntsman had an idea that we translated into a practical solution. We always enter into discussions with our clients about improvements that make work safer, more sustainable or simply more efficient. At Huntsman, we go a step further and started an innovation group together. Here, we talk structurally with each other about innovation, technology, safety, sustainability and cooperation. And that leads to results, as this innovation in industrial cleaning proves once again.

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