Now if there is one thing we in business really need to work on together, it is our social responsibility. At Mourik in Belgium, we have two very special examples. Onbeperkt jobstudent and Rising You both help people with a difficult position on the labor market find good work. Of course we work with them and we are happy to introduce these partners of Mourik to you.

Onbeperkt Jobstudent

"We connect students with a chronic illness, disability or other impairment to promising companies," says Veerle Van den Bosch.  Together with Ann Keuleers, Veerle is the face of Onbeperkt Jobstudent. "It is not easy for people with disabilities to find a job. But it is possible in all companies with the right mindset."

What is a promising business?

"The mindset of promising companies is that they believe in the potential of people and that they take a growth-oriented, long-term view. We're looking for companies that believe in our mission and really want to get involved. After all, inclusion is a verb." This, of course, fits perfectly with the Mourik family business. "Through a common partner we came into contact with Ronny Bertels (General Manager - Administrator of Mourik n.v.) and he immediately said, "We have to do this."

Removing barriers

Veerle and Ann have already matched several students with Mourik. "Before anyone starts their job, we have a whole step-by-step plan to remove any barriers," Veerle explains." For example: there has to be a mentor, someone who takes the students under his or her wings and who knows the work. That person also receives training from us."

Inclusive labor market

Onbeperkt Jobstudent has only just started; 2024 is its third full year. But Veerle and Ann have already made more than 120 matches in those threeyears. That's a super-result. How do the ladies see the future? Veerle: "Actually, I hope we won't be needed in 10 years, because by then every young person will be strong enough to find a job on their own and the job market will be truly inclusive."

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