As a little girl she spent a large part of her holidays at the head office in Groot-Ammers, bringing around coffee, warming up the soup. It’s not really that odd considering who her father is: Kees Mourik, the then CEO of Mourik.

"My heart is with Mourik. I grew up in the business"


These days, Marianne Mourik’s involvement with Mourik is of a completely different nature. For several years now, Marianne and her brother Kees Jan (the current CEO) have been “joint shareholders”, that’s to say co-owners, of our great family business. In that capacity, she is a member of the family foundation and is present at meetings with the Supervisory Board, among her other duties. And yet not many employees are familiar with Ms. Mourik as of yet. Marianne: “It’s true that I am not visible at Mourik on a daily basis; however, I do observe the operations at a distance, and I like to stay well informed. Marianne feels very engaged with her trusted Mourik: “My heart is with Mourik: I grew up in the business. It’s simply a wonderful company.”

There’s a lot involved in being co-owner of a company like Mourik. Marianne explains, “It’s a big responsibility. When you look at it, Kees Jan and I are responsible for making sure that our employees can keep on working, and that’s something we have to approach with care and caution. All the same, it’s a responsibility I am more than willing to take on.”


Many years have passed between the days of fetching coffee and now. And Marianne certainly did not sit still all that time either. “I worked in the central secretary’s office and was at one time secretary of the Environment department, in the mobile office trailer outside. After that I was out of the company for several years after the birth of my daughters Jackie and Gwen, who are now 24 and 21. Then I started working for Mourik again, as a receptionist at headquarters.”

Together with her fellow receptionist Yvonne, Marianne answered countless calls and put them through – until it was time for a new challenge. Marianne says, “Thanks to my love of fine wines, I started importing Spanish wines, which I did for eight years until I moved to the town of Ouddorp with my partner Paul a few years ago.” From Marianne’s home in Ouddorp it is a short stroll to the beach, and you can find her there every day. Of course she also has hobbies: taking brisk walks with her dogs, and hunting has also become a favorite pastime for her over the last few years.


When asked what makes Mourik such a great company, Marianne answers enthusiastically, “The company itself and the image it has. We don't always have to be at the forefront to be successful; we are modest, but modest in a good way. I am extremely proud of everyone who works here, and I am really thrilled when I hear people talking enthusiastically about the company. It is my sincere wish that Kees Jan and I can continue to develop all that previous Mourik generations have achieved."