Jan-Paul van den Bosch joins the Board of Management of Mourik. The Board of Management also comprises Kees Jan Mourik and Rimco de Groot and holds final responsibility for all activities undertaken by Mourik worldwide. On the appointment, Kees Jan Mourik says: “I am very honoured that Jan-Paul will take a seat on the Board of Management, alongside Rimco and myself. In his new role, he will provide even firmer guidance on topics that are important to Mourik, such as innovation, growth, sustainability and being a modern employer. These topics are decisive for the course of our fantastic company.”


The 90-year-old family company Mourik, a B2B service provider in the fields of infrastructure, industrial services, utility construction, catalyst handling and environmental technology, has strongly developed over the past number of years. Since starting at Mourik, Jan-Paul van den Bosch has formed the basis for a new phase of expansion. “With the help of Route ‘25, our strategic compass, we have grown each year and have dedicated more space to our ambition to deploy smart solutions to further help our clients. Over the coming years, we will be setting new goals once again. Mourik is not only a family business that is specialised in the field of infrastructural and industrial service provision, it also comprises a knowledge-driven and future-oriented organisation that helps companies, the Netherlands and the world with the major challenges facing us both now and in the future.”


Doing and thinking

One of the major challenges to which Mourik contributes is tackling climate change and its impact on water safety and management. Mourik was recently asked to help with the rising Maas River in which a spillway dam was damaged that caused immediate inconvenience. “There, we installed various emergency dams in collaboration with Rijkswaterstaat and the Ministry of Defence. This required a hefty dose of pragmatism and a focus on solutions. The ability to act fast was also a dire necessity for this project. If we didn’t have the knowledge and experience of water safety, we wouldn’t have been asked to contribute. This is a textbook example of doing and thinking coming together at Mourik.” Mourik has a rich history in water management and is responsible for both the installation and management of various weirs and locks. “Our long-term experience in water works helps in finding solutions to the water issues of the coming years”, confirms Jan-Paul van den Bosch.


In addition to the water and ground transition, Jan-Paul van den Bosch also envisions a role for Mourik in other major transitions. “As we are internationally active, we closely follow the major transitions happening across the world. That means that we also align our strategy to the opportunities and challenges faced by the labour and energy transitions, for example.” Over the coming period, Jan-Paul van den Bosch will concentrate on Mourik’s strategy for 2030.

The complete press release is available here as a PDF.