Catalyst handling

Safe and efficient catalyst handling

Charging and discharging reactors is a critical job that demands the highest levels of safety and efficiency. A plant that is down due to a catalyst change isn't productive and time is money. Mourik likes to assist you and makes sure the plant will soon be productive again.

Catalyst handling is a very specialized job. Mourik is one of the few companies in the world that have mastered this task. We don’t want to be the biggest, but we do want to be the best. And we translate this ambition into a constant flow of innovations that help our clients improve their performances in a sustainable way.

Mourik would like to advice and assist you on:

  • Loading and unloading of reactors
  • Reactor-specific services such as (soft) vacuum unloading, wet unloading, sock loading, dense loading (Densicat®, Unidense®)
  • Reactor revamps
  • Mechanical work and maintenance
  • Inspections
  • Reactor cooling
  • Catalyst transport


Mourik introduces M-Lance

M-Lance is the newest addition to the Mourik tubular catalyst change system. Using the M-Lance, a Mourik patented technology, the unloading process is automated, resulting in a safer work environment, and a more efficient and predictable tubular catalyst change-out.

Discover the M-Lance here.