Alexander-von-Humboldt-Strasse 2
01987 Schwarzheide

Our mission

We aim to be the best International specialists on services for reformer tube technologies as desired.

Our vision 

Our primary responsibility is to provide and add value to all customers.  Our objective is to deliver high quality services and enhancing a safe and healthy working environment.

Unidense® Technology

On April the first 2005, Unidense® Technology GmbH is established, after Mourik had acquired the patent for the Unidense® Technology, including its licences, from YARA International ASA (formerly NORSK HYDRO ASA).

Our services can be subdivided into three categories:

Syngas market

The Unidense® Technology is used primarily for loading catalyst in reformer tubes in plants producing ammonia, methanol and/or hydrogen (the so-called Syngas market). As licensor, we have granted the right to execute the Unidense® Technology and know-how to companies world-wide, including companies that are part of the Mourik family, i.e.: Mourik International B.V., Mourik Inc., Mourik General Contractors Venezuela C.A. and Mourik Caribbean N.V.

We support the network of licensees by providing supervision, technical support and quality control. We also have our own team of employees and the equipment to carry out the work successfully. Our aim is to ensure, together with you, that a catalyst change-out is carried out efficiently and reliably.

Uniloader System

In 2009, we have introduced our automated catalyst loading system for reformer tubes, the Uniloader® System. The Uniloader® is a machine which enables reformer tubes loading with catalyst by the Unidense® principle automatically.

We have also developed reformer tube cleaning techniques, the InTube & OutTube Cleaner  (ITC & OTC).