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Infrastructure works increasingly require a multidisciplinary approach. Mourik tackles such projects integrally, from project management to delivery and maintenance. We have almost all the disciplines and materials required for this in-house. This ensures short lines and efficiency, so that you are assured of a fast and reliable partner for the entire project who can take care of you completely.


Mourik Infra: a reliable partner for infrastructure projects

Infrastructure projects are complex, with different disciplines and sub-projects intertwining. Mourik Infra tackles these types of challenges comprehensively and we ensure that you as a client can hand over the project to us with complete confidence.

We maintain close contact with your project team from tender to delivery and the maintenance that follows. We provide a central and expert point of contact, with the backup of a team of specialists and professionals, for the entire duration of the project.

Thanks to our experience with project management, we connect all the loose parts together and take responsibility for delivering your project on time and within budget. We have virtually all the necessary knowledge and innovative strength, disciplines and equipment in-house. Colleagues who are attuned to each other work with short lines and ensure an efficient, fast and reliable process. For us, collaboration is the key to a sustainable working relationship.


Versatile infrastructure company for complex issues

In Mourik Infra we have bundled all Mourik companies and their expertise in the field of wet and dry infrastructure. Together we are a particularly versatile infrastructure company that can take care of complex projects from start to finish. This includes specialisms such as environmental nuisance and traffic management, concrete and conservation, pipework, sustainability of infrastructure works, for example emission reduction and hydrogen, and performance contracts.


Remediation and environment

Environmental technology is of great importance for many projects. What is the cost of wasting time if the soil on a construction site is contaminated? What are the business risks of contaminated groundwater on your factory site? Plenty of examples. Our services cover virtually all aspects you may encounter in the field of industrial waste flows and contaminants. Ranging from environmental care plans to resolving emergencies, in-situ, on- and off-site remediation of soil, soil, water and air purification.


Construction projects and industrial estates

In addition to infrastructure projects, we also like to participate in other construction projects, for example in non-residential construction or on industrial estates. These types of projects are often a partnership between municipalities, project developers and contractors. Mourik likes to participate in these types of partnerships. We have our roots in the construction industry and know exactly what construction is. We have gathered many areas of expertise in this area, such as soil and groundwater remediation and long-term IBC constructions.