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Mechanical, cleaning, civil and catalyst work, but also customized process systems and maintenance: Mourik is your multidisciplinary contractor in the industry. For more than 50 years, we have been working worldwide to maximize the uptime of factories, efficient turnarounds of refineries and the sustainable construction of new industry.

Almost nowhere is the bar as high as in industry. This applies in terms of safety, but also in terms of efficiency. Your factory has to run 24/7, stops and turnarounds cost money.

Mourik Industry is a global player when it comes to industrial cleaning. You will find us on all continents and at most major (petro)chemical companies. We work with above-average qualified people and our own high-quality equipment. This means we achieve the high standards in the industry. And preferably a little more.


More than just the people and machines

At Mourik we have a unique culture. Is there a solution that can make the work safer, faster or more cost-efficient? Then we devise and create it. At the same time, we focus on collecting information to improve your installations' performance and reduce downtime. That is typical Mourik Industry.