Av. Intercomunal Ali Premera-Edif Mourik
4147 Punto Fijo, Estado Falcon

At Mourik Venezuela we are committed to providing the best services, using modern equipment and machines, carried out by skilled staff trained to ensure good quality.

Mourik General Contractors Venezuela C.A. is established in August two thousand and two as the third office in the Caribbean and South American region. This was in addition to the two existing companies of our Group in this region: Mourik Caribbean N.V. and Mourik International N.V., both located on the island of Aruba with activities in the oil and petrochemical industry as well as elsewhere.


Oil and petrochemical industry

Our Venezuelan headquarter is in Punto Fijo, and we thus gained a firm foothold on the South American continent. The activities of our company in Venezuela are mainly focused on: 


Quality policy

One of the spearheads of Mourik General Contractors Venezuela C.A. is a satisfied customer, to whom we can guarantee our operations. That is the reason why the operations to catalysts in an inert and toxic environment and industrial cleaning are carried out by professional staff, using equipment in good condition to assure the full protection of personnel. This is in accordance with the rules of our quality system, which is continually improved on effectiveness and the statutory and corporative standards, all this in an environmentally friendly manner, aimed to generate productivity and profitability.