Waubacherweg 20
6442 PW Brunssum

Postbus 8016
6440 HA Brunssum

Hendrik Bedrijven Brunssum is active in the field of mineral extraction and raw material preparation. This includes crushing, sieving and mixing the raw materials. Various raw materials, including clay, sand, gravel, slate and rubble stone, are supplied to the industry from Brunssum. Important customers are companies in the ceramic industry, the concrete products industry and in infrastructure.

At Hendrik Bedrijven Brunssum (Groeve Hendrik) 300,000 tons of raw materials are extracted annually using two hydraulic excavators, three loading shovels, six dumpers, a bulldozer and two screening installations.

The eighty-hectare quarry, filled with mine stone from the Hendrik and Emma mines, is excavated to two meters above the groundwater level. Under the mine stone is Brunssummer clay, which is used in the brick industry. In addition to the clay, gravel and sand are also released. These raw materials are used, among other things, in construction and road construction. Once the clay, sand and gravel have been removed from the quarry, the mine stone is returned. We finish the mine stone with a base layer of 2 meters, so that a living layer is created. The site will be level with the adjacent Waubacherweg. Part of the quarry has already been worked in this way. 

If there is a place in Limburg where the mining history comes to the surface, it is in Brunssum on the Waubacherweg. The total area of ​​dumped mine stone from the Hendrik and Emma mines is 300 hectares. Hendrik Bedrijven Brunssum excavates 80 hectares of this.

The wind blows clouds of sand across the grounds. In the quarry, a loading shovel fills dumper after dumper with clay. On the already finished section, a shovel pushes mountains of gray mine stone. In another part of the quarry, dumpers drive back and forth with sand. At yet another location, a machine sifts stones from the same sand. To a layman, these actions seem without purpose. Nothing is less true.