Gutsy spirit

Robotics, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, new forms of energy, 3D printing – all these technologies that, up to a few years ago, were considered to be in the realm of science fiction are now turning up in commercial enterprises. True innovation happens when you combine these technologies, and these innovations are leading to a radical change in the way people work and think.

By focusing on innovation, we can keep our broad service portfolio up to date, and we can anticipate further developments. Our vision on innovation determines our innovation programme and the related policy choices. We are progressing from an operational-oriented organisation with mainly technical innovations and individual successes to an organisation that has an integrated innovation policy in use at all parts of the company. How do we encourage an innovative climate to capitalise on and effectively guide the complex, ongoing changes? How do we link the available knowledge and expertise with new insights? How do we use our innovations to make a substantial contribution to the value creation for our stakeholders? Searching for the answers to these strategic questions has led to a further increase in our capacity to innovate.

Pioneering and inspiring

To create a highly innovative climate, it is essential that you pursue, connect and streamline innovation. One of the initiatives we took in 2016 was to establish the InnoTeam. Our integrated approach to innovation and a clear vision at the highest level aimed at linking opportunities and ideas strengthens the entire Mourik organisation. By bringing together the right people and parties we  create support and facilitate success.

The InnoTeam investigates the opportunities that market developments, trends and technology offer, and determines how these can be used successfully in our company. To increase the flexibility of our company, we link this portfolio management to a robust internal and external network. One example is the “Future Creators” programme, which expands on the concept of the Mourik Next and Beyond sessions. With “Future Creators”, which is a follow-up to the successful two-year Mourik Development Programme (MDP), we bring young colleagues (often MDP graduates) together to work out ideas in the technical, management and project areas. Participants take new business tools and apply these to actual business cases. The objective is to take the potential of young management and, applying this, come up with usable initiatives for Mourik.


Creating Succes

The Mourik Excellence Award places a project or product that has made an essential contribution towards collaboration, innovation and the discovery of new niches (our pillars) in the spotlight.


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