Dike Improvement

Dike Improvement

Flood Safety and Dike Reinforcement

The Netherlands will face significant flood safety challenges in the coming years due to climate change and rising water levels. Proactivity is essential in addressing these challenges. Through initiatives such as the High Water Protection Programme, we are engaged in nationwide efforts to reinforce dikes.

This includes redesigning floodplains and streams and aiding natural recovery in rural areas. Our commitment to flood safety is a step towards a climate-resilient future. We not only devise but also implement innovative solutions for flood safety, including dike maintenance, and have developed our own zero-emission equipment.

Pioneering Innovative Solutions

We focus on smart, efficient and sustainable solutions. For instance, we are pioneering the development of zero-emission, hydrogen-powered equipment to reduce dependence on heavy power connections. But dikes are more than just objects to protect our country against floods. For many, they are recreational areas, living spaces and transport routes. As such, dike maintenance and reinforcement always have a broader societal impact. Here, too, innovation plays a key role.

In the Sterke Lekdijk project, for example, we introduced plastic filter screens to shield homes in high-risk areas from vibrations. Our innovative efforts were recognised in 2017 with the Innovation Award and the Cobouw Audience Award at InfraTech.

At Mourik, we value collaboration and learning from each other. We seek to ensure that ideas conceived on the drawing board are feasible in practice. The Sterke Lekdijk project is a prime example of innovative collaboration. For us, collaboration also involves careful coordination with stakeholders and, when necessary, leveraging the expertise of other Mourik specialists, including those in infra, concrete, environment and cleaning.

Our ultimate aim is to guarantee a safe living and working environment for everyone in the Netherlands. Curious about how we, along with our partners, are enhancing flood safety in the Netherlands? Check out our projects.


Walter van de Reep

Walter van de Reep

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