Own Prefab workshop

Pipework is a critical component of the infrastructure in industrial facilities. Regular maintenance is essential to ensure the integrity and functionality of the pipework. There are times when pipes require replacement or updating, which presents a challenge in operational factories, where production disruption must be minimised.

Additionally, welding operations are often complicated due to ATEX regulations. Our solution includes, among other strategies, the prefabrication of pipework in our dedicated prefab shop.

Tailored Pipework and Welding Services

Our prefab shop is equipped to engineer and construct pipes and sections of piping systems to exact specifications, preparing them for on-site installation. This includes applying coatings, conducting hydro testing and performing NDT testing. We handle standard welding procedures as well as specialised techniques, such as semi-automatic welding for pipes up to 40 inches and STT welding. These welding methods are quick and yield nearly perfect results.

Prefabricated pipework offers speed, safety and precision. The quality of the welds is consistently high. A significant benefit of prefabrication is the reduction of on-site welding work within the factory. Our expertise extends to the on-site installation, maintenance and repair of pipework, even in challenging and hard-to-reach areas. The synergy of prefab and on-site work provides the adaptability required in dynamic industrial settings.