Installation, Maintenance & Repair

Installation, Maintenance & Repair

Skills and experience

Mechanical maintenance within operational plants demands a unique set of skills and extensive experience, particularly when dealing with hard-to-reach areas, hazardous materials and fire risks or during critical turnarounds. The complexity is invariably high, the timelines are often tight and the safety standards are uncompromising. Mourik is a seasoned expert in delivering mechanical service and maintenance in such demanding scenarios.

Innovative Solutions and Orbital Welding Expertise

Mourik provides installation, inspection, maintenance and repair services for a wide array of mechanical systems, including pumps, heat exchangers, valves, fittings, towers, vessels and various pipe configurations. Our scheduled maintenance is meticulously planned to minimise production downtime. Our teams are ready around the clock to respond to unexpected breakdowns and urgent situations.

We thrive on challenges that drive innovation. In the realm of pipework, we pioneered the use of fully automatic orbital welding machines, which are perfect for tasks such as replacing stovepipes. This method is not only swift, allowing a single technician to operate multiple machines simultaneously, but it also ensures precision and eliminates the risk of welding flaws.

Mourik’s depth of experience and continuous innovation positions it as a trusted partner for all mechanical maintenance needs. We excel in delivering high-quality workmanship in complex scenarios, including managing large-diameter bolted connections under strict protocols. Our people are also adept at navigating the intricacies of the chemical and petrochemical industries and know what permits are required and which safety standards apply. Our proactive approach is geared towards resolving and, ideally, averting unforeseen issues—a hallmark of Mourik's ethos.