Non-Entry Cleaning

Non-Entry Cleaning

Non-Entry Cleaning is Safe and Effective

Our commitment to non-entry cleaning and automated/semi-automated industrial cleaning is unwavering, with the primary goal of keeping personnel safely out of harm's way. The inherent dangers of working in confined spaces are well-documented, and non-entry cleaning methods significantly mitigate these risks. However, the benefits don't stop at safety: cleaning outcomes are also more consistent and reliable, delivering a superior level of cleanliness.

A Fusion of Sustainability and Innovation

At Mourik, we adopt a holistic approach that encompasses not just effective cleaning and safety, but also sustainability. We aim to minimise water usage, reduce emissions, conserve energy and pursue emission-free operations wherever feasible. Our non-entry tank cleaning systems are not only incredibly safe and fully enclosed, but also sustainable.

The electric variant (NETCe) even boasts zero emissions during operation. We optimise waste management by recycling wastewater and repurposing residual liquid products from tanks as cleaning agents. For cleaning tasks within tanks, vessels, reactors and other enclosed spaces, we deploy water-driven Rotorjets. Our proprietary robotic cleaning arm positions the Rotorjet precisely, enabling us to clean even smaller tanks and vessels without human entry.

The advent of digitalisation and robotics has transformed what was once deemed impossible into reality. Building on our pioneering Non Entry Tank Cleaning (NETC) system, we now introduce its all-electric, emission-free counterpart (NETCe), which boasts enhanced power, extended reach and increased pressure capabilities, making it suitable for cleaning large-scale tanks. Wherever possible, we're also transitioning our other cleaning apparatus to electric power. Our dedication to safety and sustainability is unwavering, and we invite you to discover more about Mourik's safety commitments.