High-Pressure and Vacuum Cleaning

High-Pressure and Vacuum Cleaning

High-pressure and Vacuum Cleaning Highly Effective

Industrial cleaning is seeing constant innovation, with developments including automated and semi-automated cleaning, chemical methods and soda blasting. Yet, the use of high-pressure units and vacuum trucks remains a cornerstone due to its proven effectiveness, often enhancing results when used in tandem with other techniques such as ultrasonic cleaning. The key lies in the expert application of high-pressure and vacuum technology, executed safely. This is where our expertise shines.

Pioneering New Cleaning Solutions

Mourik leads the industry as the first to offer fully automated bundle cleaning using our proprietary Hydra™ bundle cleaner, which enables us to clean heat exchangers swiftly and uniformly. The precision of lance adjustments minimises the risk of damage, while the absence of human operators in the line of fire ensures maximum safety—setting a new industry benchmark. We also employ semi-automated methods operated remotely, such as TLE and TLX machines, and utilise flex frames. Moreover, combining high-pressure with chemical cleaning, we effectively decontaminate fire suppression systems and foam tanks from PFAS. Integrating high-pressure cleaning with ultrasonic techniques also yields superior cleanliness and extends maintenance intervals.

Why Choose Mourik? Because we always have a solution. When on-site conditions deviate from the initial plan, we pivot accordingly. If an automated solution doesn't exist, we innovate one. We extend the application of high-pressure techniques beyond cleaning, employing them in cutting with water and grit for tasks such as creating manholes in inert tanks—practical and powerful. For manual operations, our teams have all trade and safety certifications, bringing expertise and security to every task. Mourik thrives under pressure, delivering peak performance when it counts.