Chemical Cleaning

Chemical Cleaning

Sustainable Cleaning through Chemistry

To be future-proof, industrial cleaning aims to reduce emissions and minimise water usage. The industry is on the hunt for innovative technologies and methods for cleaning plants and tanks, including chemical approaches. While chemical technical cleaning, or dry cleaning, might not sound sustainable to some, it offers a way to achieve cleaner results with reduced water consumption, sometimes even using biodegradable methods. Making the right choices for both desired outcomes and environmental impact requires a knowledgeable partner.

Our Expertise in Chemical Technical Cleaning

For Mourik, chemical cleaning is not uncharted territory. We have been using ultrasonic cleaning, a type of chemical cleaning, for years. And we’re also no stranger to the use of liquids to filter emissions from scrubbers and degas tanks using eco-friendly techniques. NanoVapor is a prime example. This method suppresses vapours using a biodegradable molecular mist, allowing for the degassing of tanks and pipes with a 50% reduction in harmful substance emissions. For in-situ cleaning of heat exchangers within plants, we employ the DecarbonX method. This approach maintains peak heat exchanger performance in less time, with decreased energy consumption and reduced CO2 emissions. Additionally, we can dislodge and rinse contaminants in tanks and large drums using only a fraction of the water typically required.

The efficacy of any chemical cleaning process hinges on the quality of the cleaning agent. Our environmental colleagues and chemistry-specialised partners have the expertise, experience and in-house laboratories to determine the optimal mixture. Collectively, we have the know-how to provide informed advice on the possibilities and limitations of chemical cleaning, and to strike a balance between, for instance, water conservation and the use of biodegradable or other chemicals. Our new product development department often collaborates with clients to develop new technologies and methods. This collaborative spirit embodies the kind of chemistry we value with our clients.