Specialist in the Purest Water

Groundwater is a crucial source for drinking water and irrigation and also contributes to surface waters such as streams, rivers and lakes. However, groundwater is never entirely pure. Industrial and agricultural activities, for instance, can compromise its quality. Additionally, groundwater is often extracted during construction projects or soil remediation efforts. This water must adhere to specific quality standards before it can be discharged into sewers or onto surface water. Mourik stands out as a specialist in groundwater treatment.

Comprehensive Expertise

Groundwater contamination can have various sources, including solvents, heavy metals, PFAS, iron, chemicals and fuel products. When groundwater contains excessive amounts of these substances, treatment becomes essential. Mourik possesses the comprehensive expertise to treat groundwater, ensuring it meets all legal standards for discharge. The treatment approach varies depending on the type of pollution.

Our specialists design and construct bespoke groundwater treatment plants for each specific situation. These systems are prepared in our workshop and then installed on site. Leveraging our extensive experience and the range of techniques and installations at our disposal, we consistently deliver perfectly customised solutions.