Pilot Testing

Pilot Testing

Demonstrating Effectiveness through Pilot Testing

Mourik boasts an in-house laboratory where we analyse soil, water and air contaminants and conduct various tests. In certain scenarios, further research necessitates pilot testing. We possess extensive experience in conducting these on-site tests to validate the efficacy of solutions before initiating large-scale remediation, purification or emission treatment projects.

Synchronised Laboratory and Engineering Efforts

Our facility includes several pilot plants for conducting supplementary on-site research to confirm the effectiveness of remediation and treatment solutions. These installations are designed and constructed in our workshop, co-located with our laboratory. Our engineers and technicians work in close collaboration with laboratory experts to ensure seamless coordination.

Pilot testing offers multiple benefits. Primarily, it allows us to confirm the viability of a solution before its large-scale implementation, ensuring both effectiveness and budgetary efficiency. Additionally, starting with a pilot often means compliance from the outset, providing time to meticulously develop a final solution. If the pilot facility confirms the success of the chosen remediation or treatment method, we proceed to design a cost-effective, full-scale solution or construct a suitable water treatment or emission treatment plant.