Lab Test

Lab Test

Own Laboratory

Mourik has its own laboratory, equipped to conduct a wide range of analyses and tests on soil, water and air samples. This capability enables us to internally determine the type of contamination and quickly provide our specialists with the necessary information to devise effective solutions. Our laboratory is strategically located alongside our technical workshop, where we design and construct all our installations. The lab team collaborates closely with the engineers and technicians responsible for the design, construction and maintenance of our facilities.


Wide Range of Testing Capabilities

Our laboratory is capable of conducting various examinations and tests. These include determining the Natural Oxidant Demand (NOD) in the context of in-situ chemical oxidation, assessing the buffering capacity of water and soil, testing various ion resins, conducting adsorption tests with activated carbon for water or air and experimenting with different water purification techniques, such as the precipitation of heavy metals. Additionally, we perform soil cleaning tests, including physicochemical cleaning and immobilisation, in our own lab.

We work closely with our clients to determine the research approach, aligning with their requirements and preferences. Our process is transparent and structured: laboratory testing, potential on-site pilot testing, analysis of results and the subsequent preparation of a cost-effective, full-scale solution. Together, we address every environmental challenge.