Design & Engineering

Design & Engineering

Designing and Engineering Remediation and Treatment Facilities

Complex in-situ remediation, treating water contaminated with PFAS and other challenging mixtures of pollutants raise several questions. What are the costs involved? Is achieving the desired result technically feasible? What are the potential returns? How much chemicals will be used and how much residue will be generated? What challenges might arise during the process? Our specialists provide the necessary insights and answers.

Tailored Environmental Solutions and Facilities

Our expertise spans soil, water and air treatment technologies, encompassing the entire process from research and validation to scale-up and remediation. Utilising laboratory research and additional on-site pilot tests, we custom-design and construct temporary or permanent remediation and treatment facilities. This is all done in our workshop, adjacent to our laboratory, where we also construct our pilot plants. This ensures seamless integration between environmental aspects and engineering.

At Mourik, we handle the design and construction of our remediation and treatment facilities in-house. We also undertake the installation and maintenance of these installations. This approach allows us to maintain control over the entire process and its various aspects. Our technicians work in close coordination with process engineers and laboratory staff, aligning with the chosen remediation strategy and treatment techniques. This collaboration ensures the highest standards of quality.