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Complex in-situ remediation, treating water contaminated with PFAS and other challenging mixtures of pollutants raise several questions. What are the costs involved? Is achieving the desired result technically feasible? What are the potential returns? How much chemicals will be used and how much residue will be generated? Is the proposed technique viable and what challenges might arise during the process? Our specialists have the answers to all these questions and more.

In-House Laboratory

Mourik boasts its own laboratory, where we conduct analyses and tests on soil, water and air samples. We perform feasibility tests for complex wastewater treatment plants, determine NOD (Natural Oxidant Demand) for in-situ chemical oxidation, conduct adsorption tests and carry out soil purification trials. Learn more about our lab testing. In close collaboration with our clients, we identify needs and requirements, then carry out a feasibility study to find the right approach for contamination management. Following the study, an on-site pilot test may be conducted.

On-Site Pilot Test

The suitability of the chosen method can be confirmed on-site. We operate several pilot installations to test methodologies developed by our laboratory specialists. The results enable us to design a cost-effective, full-scale solution.

A technique’s effectiveness is truly proven only when applied in real-world scenarios. However, significant investment has already been made before even reaching that stage. At Mourik, we understand this and offer assurance up front. Together, we determine the necessary laboratory or on-site tests to answer any questions you may have. With our expertise in both in-situ soil remediation and water and air purification techniques, along with our testing facilities, Mourik is your partner in finding the most suitable solutions for all environmental challenges.

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