Efficient and Sustainable In-situ Remediation

In-situ remediation, or the on-site treatment of contamination, is often the most efficient and sustainable method for cleaning polluted soil and groundwater. Using this approach, no contaminated material has to be excavated and disposed of. Mourik excels in in-situ soil remediation, employing a range of standard and innovative techniques tailored to the specific chemical and physical properties of the contamination, soil conditions and site circumstances.

Innovative In-situ Techniques

Mourik is adept in various in-situ remediation techniques, including groundwater abstraction, multiphase extraction, selective removal of floating layers and sinkers, stimulated biodegradation (bioaugmentation, aerobic and anaerobic, recirculation), soil vapour extraction and compressed air injection for volatile component removal, in-situ chemical oxidation and in-situ chemical reduction. Our experts collaborate closely with clients and/or consulting firms to identify the most effective remediation technique. Moreover, we possess all the necessary resources to manage the entire in-situ remediation process.

In-situ soil remediation is not always the sole solution. Sometimes, a combination of in-situ and ex-situ remediation methods proves more effective. Mourik is proficient in both approaches. Beyond implementation, we also offer necessary support in conceptual design, feasibility studies and detailed design, if required.